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  Atwoods Machine
Directing Grandpa Freddie to increase acceleration.

Spring 2018 PHY2410/MTH2300

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 Analysis and interpretation of motion in kinematics graphs

Lab report clickable below.

File:Physics Lab Feb 2.pdf

Second Lab[edit]

Graphing Motion. The objective is to 1. analyze the motion of objects. 2. analyze and interpret motion in kinematics graphs.

Materials: Computer Vernier computer interface (Labquest 2) Vernier Motion Detector Object to act as a pendulum (a purse works just fine)

Procedure: Connect the motion detector and Labquest devices. The labquest has a datashare website. For the particular device used today it was http:// Each graph generated by the device is displayed on any laptop with this address entered in a browser. All graphs in this document are screenshots of that website.

To generate the first graph, the motion detector was held about 1.5 meters from the table. The device was brought toward the table at a slow and steady rate while the data collection ran. The entire motion took slightly less than 5 seconds. After several trials, the best graph appears below The graph appears below.

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